ATTENTION: Serious About Long Term, SOLID Financial Growth?





what if I said “I really don’t want extra income every month?

Sounds a bit odd, wouldn't you say?

Extra money every month would be happily welcomed by most.

So here’s a bit of clarity.

Pick one…

More income every month OR more wealth over time?

If you’re thinking, what does that even mean…

Let's not get caught up in semantics… Because fortunately you don’t have to pick one.

More than likely you already have an income, the very same income you use month in and month out, to get by and live the life you live.

Nothing wrong with that - we all do it.

You may be able to save a little every month - or maybe not

And as great it would be to quickly pull in a bit more money every month, how do you go from that, to creating real wealth and freedom for your financial future?

Well first let’s circle back - what if I really don’t want extra income every month?

It’s not as bizarre as it sounds


Because it’s not about that month to month income, it’s about that Long Term, Solid financial growth

It’s about spending the least amount of time while steadily accumulating wealth that is far beyond anything that would be possible when focusing on quick short term income.

So with that in mind let me throw this number at you.

The grand number of 5.

Minutes that is.

That's how much of your time will be required daily.

Only 5 minutes.

I’m not kidding when I say all you need to do is spend 5 mins everyday to build long term wealth.

Interested yet?

If you get it, you’re probably leaning forward on the edge of your seat.

But once I break down how this works and what you can expect, you’ll likely be falling off.

Furthermore let me emphasize this…

You do not need any special skills, education or training, and you DON'T need a ton of capital to get up and running...

What you do need is to understand the vision…

…THIS IS ABOUT WEALTH BUILDING... Not Generating Income!

If you feel like I’m beating a dead horse, well it’s because I kind of am.

This concept needs to really register for you to grasp it’s true potential.

And by “it”, I’ll get to that momentarily.

I need to quickly introduce myself.

My name is Kumar Kaushal and if you are not familiar with me I have been consistently profiting as a trader for the past 20 years.

Read that back… CONSISTENTLY profiting. That’s no joke.

It wasn't always comfortable, at times it really hurt, but that’s okay.

Because to achieve what I have accomplished was always going to be a journey.

It means through the highs and lows, the good times and bad times, I have been able to maintain a steady upwards momentum on my equity curve.

And to quote the late, great Anthony Bourdain

“The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.”

And I intend to.

That’s right, my intention is for you to leverage me, my two decades of trading, my ability to recognize precisely when to buy and sell across countless markets

Simultaneously… being skilled enough to foresee the hidden “red flags” maintaining a trajectory towards developing your wealth.

Hopefully this is the good I will leave behind.

But to be honest I’ve been doing this for a while - People from all walks of life with no financial training have happily paid me $10,000 per day so they can learn to navigate the markets skillfully and with precision - enabling them to lean on the market as their bread and butter.

And as wonderful as that is, what I have for you today requires none of this.

Because not everyone wants to sit in front of the computer analyzing charts all day

and for those that are avid traders your profits in the market are most likely your livelihood.

So once again, What about your long term wealth? That’s the question…

Well here’s the answer

For a limited time, I am offering just a select few the opportunity to receive my Trade Alerts for pennies on the dollar!

And if you’re not quite sure what trade alerts are, not to worry, I’ll explain that right now.

See I am going to be looking for big opportunities across many different markets - with the potential to really capitalize on lots of profit.

Because I have been doing this so long, I tend to look through a different “lens” which gives me a very substantial amount of edge in the market and over other traders..

Which is great news for you

Because if you are receiving my trade alerts, you will get notified anytime I pinpoint a massive trading opportunity so that you can take advantage of it.

And what's even better is…

There is no thinking, no working out and really no effort on your part.

Just a bit of copy and paste and a few clicks of a button.
Now ask yourself, if you could invest in the financial markets like a master would you seize the opportunity?

I want you to say “YES” out loud. Doesn't matter who is around you. Just say it!

Because I want to put this into motion.

And with that let’s really start shifting gears…

Let me work for you for a full 14 days - you test drive my trade alerts, really see for yourself and for my time all I ask for in return is JUST $7

These are well calculated signals from a system that has been meticulously developed that I sell to seasoned and exceptional trading clients for 25K

More specifically this is…

the first signal program of it's kind that enables you to build long term wealth with practically zero effort!

The Pro Signal Trader System is specifically designed to help you become a wealthy, confident, successful individual, regardless of your circumstances…

…As long as you have patience, and focus on sticking with this long term, you can reach any level you wish.

And if you’re curious why I’m letting you in for only $7 - I can clear that up for you right now.

Let me reiterate…These signals are there for you to BUILD LONG TERM WEALTH. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme.

So regardless of how valuable these signals are, this is about giving the average person a shot at creating and building their financial future without paying thousands of dollars a month and hurting your chances to even get off the ground.

This is why I have purposely priced this service with that in mind.

Just $7 for the first 2 weeks - you decide for yourself if it’s worth it without any risk and when you realize Pro Signal Traders' immense value it’s only a tiny $47/month. 

That's it.

Then as the account grows over the years, the monthly price will be pennies compared to the amount of wealth being generated for you.
Okay so let's shift this thing into overdrive

Why You Really Need To Have 
Pro Signal Trader 
Working For You?

So you want to look at this as spending 5 mins a day to build your retirement or "long term wealth" account.

With my investment alerts the aim is to make you 40% to 80% per year, usually making more, but we want the average to be around these numbers.

And we want the power of compounding to help our money grow for us into a substantial nest egg!

Lets see the power of compounding:

Take a look at a starting balance of $2000 getting an annual return of 40%:
This shows that your account will grow to over $100,000 in the course of 10 years, and that is spending less than 5 mins a day!

Just imagine you slowly put in a little bit of extra money each month into this account, even $100 
here or there... just imagine what will become of this account of yours?
But what happens in the next 10 years? As your account starts growing, the magic of compounding starts taking your money to levels you just never thought possible!
Here is the $100,000 with the same 40% return per year over the next 10 years:
That $100k turns into over $5 MILLION!!

That is the power of compounding! And what is best is the little amount of time you spent growing your money! That is what is so special here!
You NEED to have the power of compounding working for you, and you NEED to have the Pro Signal Trader Signals helping you grow your wealth NOW!

This Opportunity Is Your Future In The Making... Build Your Wealth & Create Your Freedom

Even though we are all unique and strive for different things, something we all have in common that cannot be disputed, is that for all of us, time is a rare luxury which can never be purchased at any cost.

It really is the rarest commodity.

Having said that, the opportunity you see before you today is specifically designed to afford you the freedom to make the most out of your precious time.

The question is what will you do with yours?

FACT: You will eventually be in a position of complete control

With Pro Signal Trader, over time your wealth will build, steadily, but with certainty.

Tipping the scales in your favor

Jobs, bosses and commutes will no longer be necessary instead it will be a choice - your choice.

Life can be quite wonderful if you dare to imagine and I strongly suggest you start practicing.

Because when you can be playing a round of golf, indulging in a new supercar or traveling somewhere exotic - all while your equity is continuously and steadily rising, well that is a feeling you will get to know very well.

It will be no work and all play - anytime you want.

That’s what real wealth affords you.

But for many of you it will be the moments - with your kids, with your partners, with your parents. 

Just being able to give more of your time is such an unbelievable privilege.

5 mins of your day for all of this - all while building your wealth and achieving true financial freedom.

Once A Day Spend 5 Minutes, To Live A Life Without Limits

As a member, you will receive trading signals from me once a day, with instructions on exactly what to do.

We may be setting up for a new position in the market, taking off a previous one or we may simply be adjusting the price - it could even be all three

But the important thing to note here is;

Whatever the case, your time and commitment required will not exceed more than 5 minutes - Once A Day

That’s right!

5 Minutes A Day, To Live Life Your Way

Even If You Have A Full Time Job…This Will Still Work For You

What’s awesome about Pro Signal Trader is the strategy and approach to investing and building wealth is extremely flexible

So regardless of any commitments you have in your life, this will not interfere.

You are not needing to choose one over another or sacrifice what you already have going on in your life.

It will fit in seamlessly…whatever you do, wherever you are in the world you just need 5 minutes.

And if you think you haven’t got five minutes - consider skipping one YouTube video or watch a little less Netflix. And maybe spend a few minutes less scrolling on Tiktok.

It’s worth it for your financial freedom.

What You Should Expect 
To Be Doing On A Daily Basis 
- Fortunately it’s HIGHLY UNDEMANDING

I will continue to find new opportunities on a daily basis - you just spend 5 minutes a day taking advantage of them.

That’s it!

Pretty straightforward wouldn’t you say?

But just before you get too antcy and try to sign up we need to address a few things.

Sadly A Big Chunk Of You Will Not Get The Chance To Benefit From These Investment Signals

Yes you read that right. Even though your excitement may be intensifying, regrettably you and I may not be a good fit.

I've been doing this a very long time and I have worked with many, many people - just like you.

And over the years I’ve watched people shoot themselves in the foot over and over again. They are a particular type of person - unrealistic with their expectations and ignorant to what is an inevitable part of trading - Losses

Any real trading system regardless of how profitable will at some point incur losses. It is foolish to think otherwise.

Fixating on the losses that will ultimately be pointless is what a good investor will NOT do - under any circumstances

Because when building sustainable wealth, these insignificant losses will be offset and dwarfed by serious sizable gains over the long term.

And that is the goal here.

I cannot…correction…WILL NOT let you receive my signals if that makes you uncomfortable in the slightest.

Because as hurtful as it is to hear you will NEVER achieve big financial goals if you cannot tolerate periods of loss.

If you start to live in fear of losses you will never make it to the promised land.

Remember the numbers I gave you earlier…

40% To 80% Per Year, Usually Making More…

I fully stand by this but more importantly…

This accounts for losses.. This accounts for any periods of drawdown…this eliminates any uncertainty.

So please consider this carefully.

And if you still find anything contentious about what I have just said then sadly you and I are not a good fit - and at this moment in time let’s agree to go our separate ways.

On the other hand if this sounds reasonable, then for you, exciting times are ahead.

Your Life Can Truly Be Transformed…

Because of the nature of this type of investing - long term trading - you don’t have to make any changes to your current lifestyle.

If you have a full time job that's fine, or if you have built up your account enough, you can simply retire and live off this longer term trading!

But again let’s be clear, THIS IS ABOUT WEALTH BUILDING... not generating income!

Yes sure, eventually the amount that is made on a monthly basis will be massive, where it will surpass any income goals you have.... but that all comes later... first focus on long term growth, building your capital by 40% to 80% per year (and anything made above that a year is pure bonus)


If you are looking for income right from the start, then you MUST have a very large account where 2% to 3% a month is enough to live off... in that case it is fine, but most of you will not be in that position, but will get there in a few years!

And inevitably I want this service to give you the awesome experiences I’ve had and continue to have, and boy I get really excited about what can be created here for my members…

If you’re like me and love to travel, hopefully experiences like this will be in your not so distant future

Still Feeling A Little Intimidated..?

Look I get it, we are talking about investing in the financial markets. Things like forex, equities and commodities…amongst others.

But there is ZERO reason for you to feel nervous or hesitant and especially not intimidated, because you don’t have to understand any of it.

Leave that to myself and Pro Signal Trader.

You simply make light work of our heavy lifting.

And once you’ve signed up, you get access to a dedicated members area where you can go through and watch some training videos to get you up and running.

These are very simple to follow, I mean old grandma simple!

And the only thing you’ll be left with…is complete confidence.


Even if you have never traded before, you will be provided with all the easy-to-follow training you need, so you know exactly what to do with the signals and exactly what buttons to press to enter and exit trades.

Wealth Building Signals
For Just $7

I think by now I’ve referred to this as trading signals, investment signals and now wealth signals…

But regardless of what we call it, you do not want to let this incredible opportunity slip through your fingers.

There are limited slots and they tend to fill up fast.

That means if you want in…you have to act now!

This is your opportunity to set yourself up for a whole new level of success…and I can guarantee it’s gonna be a while before something like this comes around again.

What Other Costs Are Involved?

There are no other costs involved to manually trade these signals. 

I specifically designed this to be as low cost as possible, as I want your accounts to grow as fast as possible, so you can manually trade these signals without any additional costs on top of the monthly subscription.

So as you can see, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by taking advantage of this $7 two week trial today!  



Due to the immense value given here in this service and the fact that signals of this caliber are normally charged at $497 per month, I am trying to build wealth for those that would not normally have the chance to take advantage of these trading signals due to the high entry price you would normally need to pay, and so am trying to give these signals at a crazy low price..

But due to this, any trial payments OR ANY SUBSEQUENT MEMBERSHIP PAYMENTS are non refundable.


This is why we have the trial there, so you can decide if you want to subscribe to the signals or not.

You can cancel at any time, but any charges before your request to cancel are NON REFUNDABLE.
Now is the time to decide whether you'd like to continue on with life as usual and continue to make the kind of money you've been making...

Or choose a different path - one that allows you to eventually create the absolute freedom, the extraordinary wealth, and the pride and confidence that building great wealth and freedom can bring you.

 Please Be Advised:
This Special Offer May Expire at Any Time…

Remember: I can only give a limited amount of people $7 access, and once we get enough members I WILL BE CLOSING THIS MEMBERSHIP OFF, as I need to balance out giving this massive value to people to help them, but at the same time not letting too many people in and affecting the profitability of the signals.

We only have a few positions open so grab one quick!

After the remaining positions have been filled, this program will be at maximum capacity and I WILL CLOSE THE MEMBERSHIP OFF WITHOUT ANY NOTICE - so please do not message me that you can't get in and I did not warn you :)

These positions will probably be gone extremely fast, so if you want to lock in your position, sign up now by clicking below:
To your success,

Kumar Kaushal


Question: Can I do this even if I have no knowledge or experience in trading?

Answer: Yes absolutely- it doesn't matter if you are an absolute newbie, you will have the fast start training to help you understand how to trade the various markets, as well as exactly how to use the signals and profit from them.

Question: How much capital do I need to get started?

Answer: You will have the option of choosing between 2 packages when you click a blue button "Yes! I want to grab a spot now for $7" on this page.
Each market that we send out alerts for has a minimum amount required to open a position. Based off of a risk tolerance of 1% to 2% the amount of capital required in your trading account for each package is as follows

For the Basic Package: $600 - $1.2K (if you do not have at least $600 please do not sign up for this service)

For the Premium Package $4K - $9K (if you do not have at least $4K please consider the Basic Package instead)

Whatever amount you start with, you should make a plan to constantly add spare cash into the trading account to help it grow faster and faster.

Question: Are there any other costs on top of the $47 per month after my $7 trial?

Answer: No there are no additional costs. I MAY introduce something in the future that helps manage the trades for you, and that software (which I will give you for free) will require a virtual server to run on that will cost about $10 to $15 per month... but that will be an option later for you if I ever make such a thing available (and if you ever choose to use it)

Question: Which type of markets does Pro Signal Trader cover?

Answer: At this moment they are; Forex, Stock Indices and Commodities. 
More specifically they will consist of these specific markets;

You have the option to upgrade to additional markets on the checkout page.

Question: Are these specific markets grouped together for a reason?

Answer: Absolutely. Together they diversify risk but more importantly they account for market correlation. 

Question: Are there any places in the world that CANNOT trade on the forex market?

Answer: Yes there are some countries where forex trading is banned. This information is taken from google BUT WE ARE NOT SURE HOW ACCURATE THIS INFORMATION IS. (read below to see best way to check)

1) Countries where forex trading is allowed:

United States
United Kingdom
Most countries in Central and Eastern Europe

2) Countries where forex trading is restricted:

Forex trading is allowed in these countries, but with restrictions from the central governments. These restrictions border on the amount of money that can be transferred to a broker for trading, how much can be kept in foreign currency in a domiciliary account, and how forex is accessed for trading purposes. These restrictions could also be due to anti-money laundering laws:

South Africa

3) Countries where forex trading is banned.

Forex trading is banned completely in the following countries:

India – Restrictions on the way Indian citizens are allowed to trade in the Forex markets are being regulated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)
North Korea
Bosnia Herzegovina
Countries with strict Sharia laws such as Pakistan

Ultimately, if you know you can open a forex trading account in your country, then that is fine and you can use this service, but PLEASE CHECK with any brokers if your country is allowed to trade forex, as this is your responsibility. Some sites in google have some information about banned countries, but it is difficult to tell how accurate those sites are (or the info above) as rules are always changing. The best way to check is to ask a forex broker by doing a search in google for "forex broker" and talking to a few of the brokers that show up and ask if they accept residents of your country. The bottom line is, anyone can have this service, but it will only be of use to you if you can legally trade forex in your country, so please check this if you are unsure. 

Question: I want to use these signals to make daily income. Is this service suitable for me?

Answer: No. This service is to build long term wealth. It is to grow your retirement account or build your account to a point that the monthly profit coming in can take over your monthly income from your job or other income stream. If you have a large enough account, where 2% to 3% a month is enough money to live off, then it may be possible to use this service for income, but we recommend using this to grow your account for the long term and to keep feeding this account with spare money that you want to invest, to speed up the compounding and growth process of your account.

Question: Do you offer any refunds?

Answer: No. WE DO NOT OFFER ANY REFUNDS FOR PRO SIGNAL TRADER. This service is too valuable to offer a refund. This is why we have the trial there, so you can decide if you want to subscribe to the signals or not. You can cancel at any time, but any charges before your request to cancel are NON REFUNDABLE.
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